Pet Peeves: navigating high school

Pinball in the hall

Did you ever wonder how it feels to be a pinball? Well, I know how it feels. Being in a crowded hall in this school has given me an example of how it feels. The groups of students are the ‘bumpers,’ and I am the ‘pinball.’ Instead of a pinball trying to hit the bumpers, I am avoiding them.

As the one of the ‘bumpers’ hit me, I go off, trying to stop myself from hitting another one. Eventually I drop to a ‘gap’ (classroom) where I safely sit until I’m ejected out toward the ‘bumpers’ once again, until it’s game over (school’s out). Remember the feeling and never play pinball again!!

Razing Road Rage

You know what annoys me? When the bell rings at the end of the day and people push and shove all over the place! I mean, yeah, you’re in a hurry to get to your beloved bus and go home, but come on, so is everyone else. Though when you push and shove others, all that happens is that it either makes you late or it causes other people to get mad.

But really, to those who are trying to get out, if you are just standing around the door, you are making more and more people get shoved and pushed around. So remember people, the less you shove then quicker we will all get out!

iPod Not iHome

Now this is a problem that most people have. They sing songs out loud while listening to their iPods! Ok, I don’t care if you like to sing, or your friends think that your singing is good. Go sing in the showers, or in your room! I don’t really want to hear you singing in the halls, or classrooms. I mean, no offense, but I’d rather not walk into to class and BAM! Random singing out of nowhere.

Whether you keep doing this or not, I want to say one thing: If you want to sing, sing in your head!


2 Comments to “Pet Peeves: navigating high school”

  1. siiigh, i remember working on this. i regret quitting the paper

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