Field Hockey team plays an amazing season

Seniors on 2009 Field Hockey Team

By Andrea Kusselson, Class of 2010

The field hockey team had one of its best seasons ever. The odds were against the team, with two new coaches and almost half the team having graduated last year.

The new coaches are Ms. Tunney and Mrs. Hughes.  Ms. Tunney is brand new to the school, and Mrs. Hughes had not coached in years. The team started off in a scrimmage versus Archbishop Ryan, which the Eagles lost, but this only made the players work harder.

The rest of the season was challenging but the team tried hard and earned every single win. Eventually this developed into an undefeated season. The Eagles even beat Northeast for the first time in years, and went on to play Northeast in the city championship.

Unfortunately the season ended on a sour note. The Eagles did not play on a field they’re used, to and the rain was pouring down. And though they tried as hard as they possibly could, they sadly lost. Regardless of this one loss, the girls felt as if they accomplished something great. They were the only undefeated team in their school and in their city.  They were the best!


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