The musing of oneself: good or bad?

Musing is when one is looking at their own thoughts and feelings.

If we did it daily would it be bad for us? I mean, I have done it before — I asked myself questions that I never thought I would ask. As time moved,  I just kept asking myself more and more questions, hoping they would be one day answered.

Slowly but surely I became a bit addicted to this. My feelings and my words slowly connected to each other. Every feeling that I have felt placed in words, then sentences, and finally they became pages and pages of unreleased feelings. By doing things this way,  I somehow feel my sanity is kept in check, but I wonder what would I have become if I had never done this?

Well, I can’t really tell you if it’s good or bad, but why don’t you try it out? That way, if you can experience it too, you can figure out if it’s bad or not. Different people have different point of views.


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