Failures Will Affect Your Senior Year

By Rameeza Bacchus, Class of 2010

 Personally being a senior… I can say we all think the year is easy because of how close we are to graduation with the end of our high school experience being imminent. We have been here for twelve years and we all want to just get out. This often leads to a condition in which students slack and their grades suffer. We all know what this condition is… 


However, seniors who fail a class may not graduate until they make it up.  Fortunately, George Washington High School (GWHS) offers a credit and grade recovery program which is available for the students falling short of the required credits.

Every year, our school is getting tougher as it is working harder to meet federal academic standards. GWHS is implementing new rules and regulations toward improving the school’s academic achievements. As such, seniors who have gotten used to the old ways now both have to learn the new rules and keep their grades up.

 As a result of the additional burdens, seniors are failing. Yet with the recovery programs it is easier for failing students to make the credits up before it all adds up to a mountain of work.  Attendance and punctuality are also things that teachers are looking for to help your grades improve.

So in order to get rid of senioritis, keep up the good attendance and pay attention to grades because they can slip easily. If you feel like you are being affected by senioritis, get up and get involved in what is going on around the school. There are a lot of programs here to help you to be focused on the prize in June…Graduation.


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