Review: Death’s cat, the furry grim reaper

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

OK, I wasn’t really looking for anything when I went on the internet, except for checking my e-mail. Then, suddenly, at the edge of my vision, I saw two things: a cute looking picture of a cat and the words “Death Cat” right under it! A few of my thoughts were “Why the heck is a cat this cute cat being called Death cat??” and  “Good title…”

It turns out that the “Death cat” knows who will die next, and it tells people by sitting near them! I mean come on! If that’s all that needs to be done for this cat to be nicknamed that, then people these days are either being more and more thoughtless, or what I think it meant was completely different. But being able to tell when a person will die would be a good ability, don’t you think? If it’s possible, then, well, I think that more and more people are more willing to try not to die while living life to its fullest!
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One Comment to “Review: Death’s cat, the furry grim reaper”

  1. that cat is sooooooooo precious. I love animals..awww

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