What is your collection?

My favorite gundam model

My name is Michael and I collect models to put them around my room.  I collect Gundam, planes, and Zoids models. My first model was a Gundam. I had Wing Zero Gundam as a model and built it with my dad’s help. Since then I have been building models on my own.

I was eight years old when I first built it — the shield was red and white, and the body was white,blue red and yellow. The yellow was on the head and wings but my favorite was Wing Zero Gundam Custom. The reason why is that  Wing Zero Gundam Custom has angel wings. The second Gundam model I got was Burning Gundam.
Burning Gundam is a stronger version of Shining Gundam.

my first 4 liger modles

It took me a total of 15 minutes to do Wing Zero Gundam  because  I needed to get art glue and a cutting tool. The kit comes with the parts used expect for the glue and cutting knife.

I have  more than a total of 20  Gundam models  in addition to my 15 plane models and my more than 20 Zoid models.

I will not stop collecting models because they give me something to do when I have nothing better to do. I want to collect and build all the Gundam models.

If you have a collection you want to show email me at dragonbuster1370@yahoo.com.


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