“March Winds 2010 in NYC with NFTE and FBLA”

By Mrs. Mary Falkenstein

On March 16th,  NFTE and FBLA students took their annual trip to New York City to the wholesale shopping district and it  was a huge success!  We had lunch with Mr. Steve Marriotti, founder of NFTE, and sat in his big conference room.  Many of his staff members visited us and they treated us to lunch.  NFTE loaned us $50 each to start our own businesses and guided us to make smart decisions.  Mr. Marriotti taught us a lesson on the Economics of One Unit and Return on Investment.  Although Mrs. Falkenstein teaches this all the time, it sure sounded better coming from Mr. Marriotti.  

 The FBLA and Business Technology students went to South Seaport shopping while the NFTE students worked with Mr. Marriotti.  We walked to the South Seaport, reunited and continued to Little Italy.  There we ate gelato, pizza, and Italian pastries.  It truly was a great day with sunshine and no rain.   We had lots of drinks and snacks on the bus and watched movies.  A great time was had by all.

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