What’s happening around GWHS

By Larry Liu, Class of 2010
National Honor Society
The National Honor Society has been involved in raising funds for families in need, donating canned food to poor families, and hosting  a coat drive and a bake sale.
The funds for the bake sale go toward buying new sashes and robes for the NHS. The NHS prides itself on raising money for a good cause. It plans to launch a car wash in the upcoming months ahead, and will participate in a Multiple Sclerosis Walk and Mother’s Day Walk, both of which will be held in May.
NHS officer Anjerie Yohn said that this year has been the best, because the NHS could make a lot of accomplishments, and is eager to help out the community. For the future, she hopes the students in the National Honors Society to continue to help their community and strive for academic excellence.
Continue reading below for updates on science fairs, the debate team and the robotics teams.
Science Fair Updates
Mrs. Liberman’s students participated in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy Science Fair in Bensalem High School with the following outcomes:
  • Bansi Bhatt (Behaviorial Science) 1st Place
  • Zaharia Zavlunov (Behaviorial Science) 1st Place
  •  Kocher Lau (Biology) 1st Place
  •  George Koshy (Botany) 2nd Place
  • William Levantovsky (Botany) 1st Place
  •  Jordana DiPaolo (Chemistry) 1st Place;
  • Shayan Patel (Chemistry) 1st Place
  •  Manisha Saju (Chemistry) 3rd place
  •  Altynai Jantaea (Physics) 1st Place
  •  Mehzabin Munshi (Zoology) 1st Place

The first ranked students will participate in the state competition on May 16 in Penn State University Park

Her students also participated in the Carver Science Fair, in which the following students received special awards:

  •  Sarita Saju (grade 12) received the Temple University Scholar Award for $10,000.
  • William Levantovsky (grade 10) received the Humane Science Award for the second year in a row for $100.
  • Zaharia Zavlunov (grade 10) received the Philadelphia Compact Excellence in Behavioral Health Award for $100.

Nine other students received a placement in various categories, and will participate in the prestigious Delaware Valley Science Fair on April 7. They are listed as follows:

  • Behavioral/Social Science: Zaharia Zavlunov (grade 10) 3rd Place; Bansi Bhatt (grade 10) 2nd Place
  • Biochemistry: Amber Thomas (grade 10) Honorable Mention
  • Botany: George Koshy (grade 10) 3rd Place; William Levantovsky (grade 10) 1st Place
  • Environmental Science: Kocher Lau (grade 10) Honorable Mention; Josh Goldberg (grade 11) 1st Place
  • Medicine and Health: Boris Ben (grade 10) 3rd Place
  • Physics: Altynai Jantaeva (grade 10) 2nd Place

Her students also participated in the University of Pennsylvania Heat.

  • Jessica Margiewicz (grade 11) 1st Place
  •  Avramit Katsnelson (grade 11) 3rd place.

Jessica won, which entitled her to go to University of Maryland Medical and Dental School to compete in a national competition in March. She came in the top quarter of 37 kids across the United States!

Delaware Valley Science Fairs- best of three states- Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

  • Altynai Jantaeva  of grade 10 won first place in Physics. The NANO/BIO Interface Award she won will allow her to participate in a high school science expo day, called NanoDay, at University of Pennsylvania.
  • Tenth grader William Levantosky won a second place Botany award, and received $50 from the Franklin Institute.
  • Sophomore Zaharia Zavlunov won the United States Army Award.


Mr. Creamer and his students participated in the First Regional Robotics Competition on March 25-26 at Drexel University. George Washington High School was one of only two (the other being Central High School) public high school participants in the Robotics Competition.
The school came in 34th place, and surpassed Central by a few points. Mr. Creamer’s team launched a robot that could climb up a tower, which only few other robots attempted.   After all the months of preparation, planning and building, Mr. Creamer says that he is “glad to introduce himself to his family.”

The GWHS Engineering and Robotics Team, coached by Ms. Wright, have competed in the BEST, VEX and Sea Perch Robotics Competitions sponsored by the PSD. The university partners are Villanova, Drexel, University of Penn, Temple, North Carolina A & T and Auburn. The mentors from these universities help the GWHS students with their engineering design process.

The students from the GWHS Engineering and Robotics Team are chartered members of the Philadelphia Jr. Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.  They volunteer at the FLL Robotics Competition, by helping to set up the playing fields, refereeing a game, or helping the judges. The team was invited to participate in the MESA activities at the Black Engineer’s of the Year Award, which was held in Baltimore. The Team was also invited to demonstrate their robots at the National Science Teacher’s Association Conference which was recently held in Philadelphia and at the PSU Exploration Day in University Park. The students explained their design and the engineering process.

Currently the Engineering and Robotics Team is preparing for the 1st Philadelphia Regional MATE ROV Competition. The competition will be on May 22, at Villanova University. The International ROV Competition will be held in Hawaii this year.

 Anyone interested in learning about, designing and building robots should join now. It’s never too late to learn.

Debate Team
The GWHS debate team participated in the Lincoln-Douglas Public Forum Debate from October through February. GWHS ended up with four wins and five losses, and was ranked second in the Northeast Philadelphia district. 
GWHS is one of few other public high schools which participated in the statewide debate competition at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem in February.  GWHS won one debate and lost the others by a narrow margin.  GWHS debaters include Larry Liu, Kenneth Rankin, Jessica Desir, Sapphire Desir, Ivana Bay and Heather Gould.  
Mr. Moss says about the debate team: “There were outstanding debaters with great oratorical skills. They demonstrated great passion. For next year, we are looking for new members who are eager to be part of this exciting program.”

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