The Eagle Eye staff honored at the National Constitution Center

By Larry Liu, Class of 2010

On May 25, the students who contribute to this online publication,  The Eagle Eye, attended the Prime Movers’ Closing Ceremony with Mrs. Kirby and professional journalist, Shannon McDonald, at the National Constitution Center in Center City.

The Eagle Eye staff at the National Constitution Center

Prime Movers is a collaborative pilot program founded by the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs and supported by Temple University’s Department of Journalism. Prime Movers’ purpose is to send professional journalists and university interns to mentor high school students from Washington D.C. and Philadelphia in creating their own print and broadcast programs.  Much of the equipment used by the school journalists, such as printers and computers, is provided by Prime Movers and the School District of Philadelphia.

Prime Movers’ director Dorothy Gilliam says,   “The Prime Movers Media Program combines mentors – professional journalists – with young minds, the resources of a great university, and the support of major news outlets to create a winning combination. We believe that Prime Movers can ensure that media organizations of the future are infused with the energy and the talent of a diverse body of young professionals that will play a vital role in our democracy.”

Speakers at the ceremony included Ms. Gilliam;  Joyce Evans, anchor and reporter of WTXF Fox 29; Dr. Lee Nunery, Chief of the Office of Institutional Advancement & Strategic Partnerships of the School District of Philadelphia; Steve Klugewicz, Director of Education of the National Constitution Center; and Andrew Mendelson, Chair of the Department of Journalism in the School of Communcations & Theater of Temple University.

The keynote speaker was Sarah Glover, Staff Photographer of Philadelphia Daily News.  Glover shared her early personal experiences with photojournalism that led her to view it as a career. She advised the high school students in the audience and aspiring journalists to network, work very hard, and defy the obstacles that come with a career in journalism. Glover concluded by showing a slideshow of her photos of President Obama’s campaign.

Four students also gave short reflections on their personal experience with journalism, including  Timothy Penglase, staff writer and photographer of our own online newspaper, The Eagle Eye.  Timothy gave thanks to the Prime Movers program.  “We have come a long way from last year. Last year we were printed on paper but now we have moved to the next generation. The Prime Movers program has influenced me in a way I could never have imagined. This program has influenced me to go for greater heights. This program has shown me that even one as young as I can make a difference through my words.”   Click on this link to watch Tim’s speech.

The ceremony was concluded by the remarks of Ms. Gilliam; Reginald Moton, Education to Career Coordinator of the School District of Philadelphia; and Linda Wright Moore, Senior Communication Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and wife of Acel Moore, Philadelphia Inquirer Associate Editor Emeritus and sponsor of Prime Movers (who could not attend the ceremony due to health concerns).

We saw short sequences of WOHS radio, saw many students honored with awards, and were then dismissed to enjoy sandwiches and soft drinks in the Constitution Center’s restaurant.


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