Music Review on new group Neon Trees

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

Neon Trees is a new rock sensation with their single Animal sitting high at 24 on the rock 100 billboard hot 100. Neon Trees is a combination of style and soft rock, with lead vocalist/keyboardist Tyler Glenn, vocalist/drummer Elaine Bradley, guitarist Chris Allen, and bass player Branden Campbell. This band is from Provo, Utah, but originates from Temcula, California. Neon Trees was a well known band in their hometown but didn’t get fully noticed until late 2008 when they were asked to open for Killer and after this show, Neon Trees was on the map.  After a short time of looking, Neon Trees was picked up by the recording label  Mercury records where they made their new album Habit, their biggest hit so far. This is a great band, and I think most people will love their style and sound. So give it a try! It won’t let you down! Neon Trees website

If you read this review and post a comment with your book number, we will deliver a free Neon Trees poster to your advisory class for you while supplies last.


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