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October 29, 2010

GWHS uniform shirts available

Short-sleeve collar shirt,
embroidered, $10.00,
any size in tan or black

Wearing your school colors or logo doesn’t necessarily have to involve a uniform. The school store has several fun, flattering options available to help make representing GWHS look cool.

From collar shirts to hoodies with or without zippers, to sweat pants…stop by the store to see samples or check out the pictures shown here.   We now have long-sleeve, embroidered, collar uniform shirts for $15.00.   New hoodies and embroidered jackets will be in stock soon.

Some sizes may be limited,  but typically we have sizes small to extra large in stock.   

Items ordered in sizes 2X and above may need to be custom ordered.

If you have ideas for other items you would like us to stock, please let us know. 

We welcome suggestions for other apparel or logo items you want your school store to stock for you.

We can also order apparel for the staff  or alumni and can add “staff” or “alumni”  to any logo.

Show your “eagle pride” by wearing a school shirt, sweat shirt or sweat pants today.

October 25, 2010

Why I don’t like Halloween

 By Avramit Katsnelson, Class of 2011

    What could someone possibly have against such a fun holiday? you may be wondering.  Everyone gets to dress up in costumes and eat lots of candy.  It’s harmless!  Some people are such sticks in the mud!  Although Halloween seems to be a night of innocent fun, it has a deeper layer that is not so innocent.  October 31st, the whole month of October, in fact, is devoted to encouraging and exalting horror, involvement with evil spirits, and vandalism.  As a result, children grow up making light of such things, which is detrimental to society.

     Violence.  Monsters.  Horror is one of the main aspects of Halloween.  People will sit in their dark rooms at home and watch scary movies in honor of the occasion.  Actually, the word scary does not even begin to describe the disgusting things people delight in this time of year.  They will watch people being murdered with axes or saws, or being terrorized by vampires or ghosts.  It is absolutely gruesome.  (This is reminiscent of the days of Ancient Rome, when people would flock by the thousands to watch people be tortured to death or eaten by bloodthirsty animals.)  It is sickening to think that people can actually enjoy such things.  They must be masochistic to not only subject themselves to such terrible scenes, but to do this knowing that they will remain in fear long after the movie is over.  Worse than the fear is the fact that subjection to such bloodcurdling scenes (whether in movies or books) causes the viewer to ultimately be desensitized to such things.  In other words, a person who sees nothing wrong with indulging in horror will eventually be able to sit and watch a man be tortured (e.g. cut in half with an ax) without even wincing.

     Another problem with Halloween is its preoccupation with evil spirits.  From ghosts to witchcraft, October has become about embracing the dark side of the supernatural.  Not only are people made to believe that ghosts and vampires are “cool,” but they are inspired to contact evil spirits in order to obtain the powers that they do not have as humans.  As a Christian, I find this unacceptable.  People should be encouraged to help others, not to “dabble” in witchcraft or séances (dabble is in quotation marks because it implies that witchcraft is something to be taken lightly, like learning a new language).

     Lastly, Halloween promotes vandalism.  On the night before Halloween (appropriately labeled mischief night), or on Halloween itself, children and teenagers go around throwing toilet paper on lawns or aiming eggs at homes and cars.  While this may seem to many to be in good fun, it is no fun for those at the receiving end, to those who end up having to clean up the mess.  People have become disrespectful enough as it is without Halloween encouraging such behavior.  Children should be taught to respect others and their property.  Allowing them to celebrate an occasion associated with mischief does not help raise mature, helpful, considerate members of society.

     In light of the above, I refuse to consider Halloween a holiday.  With its encouragement of violence, vandalism, and connection with evil spirits through witchcraft and other means, it is in no way a “holy day.”  I do not celebrate it and feel that others shouldn’t as well.  However, I am not against a day when people dress up in costumes and eat candy!  There’s nothing wrong with that (unless one is to go into the health concerns)!

October 25, 2010

New kids on the block – Runner Runner

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

Runner Runner are the new kids on the block in the music world, making their way to a great, successful future. Runner Runner’s members are from Huntington Beach, California. Their sound is a pop rock theme that makes you want to get up and just dance, with their front man Ryan Ogren, guitarists Nick Bailey and Peter Munters, bassist Jon Berry and drummer James Ulrich.

Runner Runner was the first group signed by David Letterman’s new record label, C.E. Music, in 2008. The name Runner Runner comes from a poker term that band members Jon Berry and Ryan Ogren picked up because of their love for the game, meaning ‘to beat the odds and pull off a winning hand in the last possible moment.” 

 The band begun their first nationwide tour in June2010, opening acts for groups like Second Hand Serenade, The White Tie Affair, Go Radio, and Camera Can’t Lie.  In August they begun their first headlining tour, and will close out the year touring briefly with 2am Club, and later, Forever the Sickest Kids.

Runner Runner’s single “So Obvious” is a hit without a doubt.  I think before we know it, their songs will be on kids ipods all around the world.  This band is a shining star in the making, and will grip your attention with every song they make. To check out Runner Runner,  go to . 

If you post a comment on this article with your book number, we will deliver a Runner Runner poster to your advisory.

October 19, 2010

Katy Perry, Teenage Dream album review

 By Rochell Henry, Class of 2013

  Like any of her previous albums, Katy Perry has provided pop culture with another outstanding album. In this album, she sings about love, teenagers, and just having fun doing whatever it is you are doing. Perry’s first single off the album “California Girls”, featuring multi- platinum Hip-Hop artist Snoop Dogg,  has carved the way for this album.

From what I’ve seen already, the song has been on top billboard charts and many other high ranking charts in the music industry.  From the looks of thing I would say that this album, like her previous one, should have no problem with sales. I personally like the album and would recommend teens, and even adults to go out and buy it.

October 19, 2010

A Halloween Story – The Crimson Moon

 By David Li, Class of 2012

The evening air was unnaturally cold, the lights of the houses cast light upon the streets. Slowly they grew while the night slowly envelopes us, children with their family poured out into the streets and roads. I watched them have their fun within this night “Why” I thought “Don’t they understand it is not safe going out at a night like this?” I looked up toward the crimson moon slowly moving across the night. I walked down the streets, avoiding the families and friends.  

Suddenly a loud growl rang through the night then followed by a blood-chilling cry and ended with a death claiming cough. All I  could think was “its time for them to come out,” I ran toward the way of the sounds, the place it took me was within a graveyard. Then I spotted the bloodless, lifeless body, and I had no choice but to bury it. “Next, time you guys do that again,” I said out loud, while digging a new hole for the body, “Keep the mouth shut, or else I must teach you all a lesson.”  The five shadowy figures bowed down to me, and said “Please forgive us we couldn’t wait. ” After I finished burying the body “It does not matter, now” I looked  up toward the crimson moon “let us hunt.” We all walked out of the graveyard, and began the destruction of  the town, and our bath in human blood.

October 18, 2010

Eagles Face-Off with the Lancers!

 by Princess Kollie, Class of 2012

George Washington High School–undefeated soccer champion for three years in a row–almost defeated Central High School on September 27, 2010, when a goal was missed by senior Chea Fineboy, who is known for his outstanding performance in last year’s championship game. The game started with tension because both schools have distinguished honors in soccer.  Therefore, there was no way either team was going home as losers or tied– one team had to go home in victory.

In the first half of the game, Central scored, making the score 1-0, but the Washington Eagles stuck with junior Wilo Mimbar, former student of Bensalem High School, who made his way into Central’s pole, making the score 1-1.  Wilo Mimbar reminds us of Fineboy when he first started playing for Washington last year. Fineboy’s speed is what made him outstanding in the eyes of his fellow teammates and school, but it looks like we have ourselves two fine boys on the field this year.  Who knows?  This new kid Wilo Mimbar might be the new kid Fineboy with the ball on his feet.

Still in the first half, Washington and Central battled on the field back and forth.  From one end to the other, as I observed the game, I could see the determination of the Washington players striving to score again.  They played together as a team, keeping in mind that Central can’t beat them.  The ball was then passed to Chea Fineboy.  The talented player dribbled down the field towards the Central defender and made his way to their goal, where he kicked it like Beckham straight into the goal.  Fineboy, filled with joy, ran to one of his fellow teammates, hugging with victory.  At the same time, the girls of Washington screamed Fineboy’s name, and his sister, Sankie Fineboy, lead the crowd of girls in cheering Washington on,  “G-DUB got it in, Fineboy Score!”  My observations left me thinking these girls are cheerleaders in their own way.  The support they provided for their school had parents of Central players looking over at the bench in amazement.  In fact, a parent from Central said, “Wow!  These girls got school spirits.”

G-DUB “got it in” for most of the game.  Washington’s goalie played well and had a clear view of the ball whenever Central tried to score.  Eventually, the goalie must have lost concentration when Central scored again, making the score 2-2.  This was a devastating blow to Washington morale.  It was as though winning was no longer an option for both schools.  Unbelievably, some of Washington’s players seemed to give up in a short amount of time, but their coach, Coach Reid, continued to encouraged them to not quit.  As I looked over at Coach Reid, I could see his expression was calm and relaxed; he still had faith in his players.

As the clock ticked away, Washington’s speed decreased; the players were getting weak.  Unnecessary passes were made that could have lead Central to victory, and fans were getting impatient.  Central’s Coach was screaming at the top of his lungs.  Washington’s goalie wasn’t going to let Central score, not on his watch.  Finally, Washington got hold of the ball and made its way towards Central’s goal when the ball was unexpectedly passed to Chea Fineboy.  Fineboy fought for possession of the ball for a while, then broke free of the players surrounding him in front of the goal.  As he kicked the ball into the goal, the fans rose cheering from their seats, but Fineboy fell on his knees with his hands on his head.  The referee brought it to our attention that the ball went outside of the pole and not in it.  Sadly, the fans sat back down and Fineboy walked away from the goal in despair.  The game ended with a tie between Washington and Central, and as both teams shook hands, some Washington players had their heads down in shame.  One of the players said it was a tough game, but the missed goal by Fineboy is what broke his heart.

I’m Princess Kollie,  junior at George Washington High School, and I must admit I have never seen such a challenging game played until now!  Let’s hope history repeats itself and Washington makes it to the championship this year.

October 18, 2010

The biography of senior stars…..featuring Anjana Thomas

 By Jaime Thomas, Class of 2011

What is your name?

My name is Anjana Thomas.

Is your brother studying in GeorgeWashington High School?


What’s his name?

His name is Ajay Thomas.

Are you excited about your Senior year?


Did you take the SAT? How was it?

Yes, It was a little tough.

Did you practice for the SAT before you took the SAT test?

Yes, I got Math practice from Mr. Creamer. He taught me new a method of Math.

Are you struggling with any course this year?

Some of them.

What is your favorite subject?

Anatomy is my favorite subject.

Did you take any courses in High School that you will need in college?

Yes, I am taking Advanced Anatomy and Physiology .

What are you planning for your career?

I am planning to be a Respiratory Therapist.

What would your friends like to be?

They all would like to be Nurses.

What college are you planning to go?

I am planning to earn an Associate’s Degree from CHI and a Master’s Degree from Temple University.

Do you have any role model?

Yes, my Dad is my role model.

What is your favorite sport?


What is your hobby?

Reading and listening to music.

                                              Thank you for your patience, Anjana

                                               And may your dream come true.

October 5, 2010

Athletic schedule-October 2010

Girl’s tennis 10/5 Bodine Home 3:15 pm
Jv football 10/5 Central Home 3:00 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/5 Northeast Cottman & Algon 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/5 Northeast Home 3:15 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/6 Olney Home 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/7 Rhodes 29th & Chalmers 3:15 pm
Cross country 10/7 Meet Belmont Plateau 3:00 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/8 Central Home 3:15 pm
Var football 10/8 G-town Home 3:00 pm
Boy’s jv soccer 10/12 Ftc Cottage & Unruh 3:15 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/12 Edison Front & Luzerne 3:15 pm
Jv football 10/12 Bartram 58th & Grays 3:00 pm
Var field hockey 10/12 Girl’s high Broad & Olney 3:15 pm
Cross country 10/12 Meet Belmont Plateau 3:00 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/13 Northeast NE supersite 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/14 Frankford Home 3:15 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/15 Saul 7100 Henry Ave 3:15 pm
Var football 10/15 Salesianum NE supersite 6:00 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/18 Bartram Home 3:15 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/18 Freire Home 3:15 pm
Jv football 10/19 G-town Home 3:00 pm
Boy’s jv soccer 10/19 Northeast NE supersite 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/19 Lincoln Ryan & Sackett 3:15 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/20 Masterman Gratz supersite 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/21 Central Home 3:15 pm
Cross country 10/21 Meet Belmont Plateau 3:00 pm
Var football 10/22 Northeast NE supersite 6:00 pm
October 5, 2010

Music Review for David Archuleta’s new single!

By Rochell Henry, Class 2013


Once again, I think that David Archuleta has provided us with another hit single. David, runner up from American Idol season 7,  has learned from his previous album to take pop culture up a notch.

From the sounds of this song, I think that Archuleta’s fans are in for a really special treat for this album. This song, like most of his previous records, is about a 19-year old singing about love. What makes his music different from other pop artists at this age is that his music in general is appropriate for teens and even adults that are experiencing love.  His music is something I think they can relate to. “Something ’bout love” is a very poppy, dancing song that can be played in clubs if it was  more up beat and had a more fast tempo.  Just like his previous song “Crush” that was an instant smash hitting #1 on the Digital Charts and #2 on the Hot 100, this album I know will have no problem on the music charts, once it’s released.

October 4, 2010

The biography of senior stars…..featuring Manju Mathew

By Jaime Thomas, Class of 2012

How do you feel to be a Senior?
I feel awesome!
How many years have you been in George Washington High School?
I have been here for 3 years.
Did you enjoy your High School years?
What do you like best in school?
Hanging out with friends in front of the lockers.
Who’s your best friend?
I have a lot of friends.They’re all my best friends.
What do you always do with your friends?
We usually play computer games.
What career path are you pursuing after high school?
I would like to be a nurse.
Why would you like to be a nurse? Why don’t you try another job?
Because my Mom is a nurse.She’s my role model. I would like to treat people who have medical conditions, so, I’m going to prepare to be a nurse like my mother.
What college are you going to for nursing?
I am interested in going to Frankford University but it’s really hard to get in.
How many years does nursing have?
4 years.
Are you preparing for college?
Yes, I usually search online for college details.
Are you interested in any sports?
Well, I like to play badminton.
How are your senior classes?
Most of them are easy. but I’ve got a lot to study.
Will  you like leaving this school?
I really don’t want to leave this school. I hope someday I can come and visit this school.
Which teacher do you like the most?
I like all the teachers who taught me.
Are any of your brothers or sisters studying in this high school?
Yes, my brother is studying in this school. and he is in 11th grade.
What is your favorite subject?
My favorite subject is art.  I got A+ for that.   I have many paintings in my house. 
 Thank you for allowing me to interview you, Manju. 
           I hope you’ll have the wonderful Senior year that you’ve always dreamed of.