The importance and benefits of yoga in life and YES even for students!

By Tamara Tatevosian, Class of 2012

The long school year, overwhelming studying and not enough time to relax your mind and body are a lost cause; since that can be reversed by joining yoga class or just doing yoga in the comforts of your home. As its image has become nowadays it is for busy businesspeople that are stressed out or housewives that need to relax from daily chores but it is time to realize that there is no time to leave yoga for a problematic body but for a healthy body and mind. The benefits of yoga are incalculable as it is not just to build flexibility of the body but flexibility of the mind as the two are correlated. According to a Harvard Medical School study, “yoga and meditation practices are effective in stress management, alleviating anxiety and musculoskeletal problems and improving mood.” (3) It does not have to be a “downward facing dog” complex yoga but every day of at least 10 minutes of working your joints will lead to great improvement according to Gina Norman, a yoga teacher in New York City. Not only does it ensure the flow of blood to different parts of the body but it also improves endurance. According to Dr. Richard Usatine, now a professor in the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, it helps you relax, reduce tension and shed off fatigue so you can concentrate on the rest of the day with energy; it’s not like you have to become a yogi. Several studies in North Carolina University have proved that some little amount of every day yoga can even improve/enhance cognitive performance. Moreover if you are thinking of weight management yoga is definitely a way but it is not the only reason you should do it since the most important effect you desire is to feel your body better and balance your physical and mental work as many yoga instructors say. A setback for many people is that yoga requires to be done with extreme care for if done improperly it can result in injuries; it is important to do it slowly and not try complex moves right away but start with the most basics and do the moves correctly thus you will need a yoga trainer or a beginners’ yoga book from which you will follow all the directions as they are.

It is a trend in the nowaday hectic life and the more these days students meet the stresses of the school-day, the more yoga can be of great relief.

To read more about its health effects follow these links to learn more.





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