Music Review for David Archuleta’s new single!

By Rochell Henry, Class 2013


Once again, I think that David Archuleta has provided us with another hit single. David, runner up from American Idol season 7,  has learned from his previous album to take pop culture up a notch.

From the sounds of this song, I think that Archuleta’s fans are in for a really special treat for this album. This song, like most of his previous records, is about a 19-year old singing about love. What makes his music different from other pop artists at this age is that his music in general is appropriate for teens and even adults that are experiencing love.  His music is something I think they can relate to. “Something ’bout love” is a very poppy, dancing song that can be played in clubs if it was  more up beat and had a more fast tempo.  Just like his previous song “Crush” that was an instant smash hitting #1 on the Digital Charts and #2 on the Hot 100, this album I know will have no problem on the music charts, once it’s released.


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