Eagles Face-Off with the Lancers!

 by Princess Kollie, Class of 2012

George Washington High School–undefeated soccer champion for three years in a row–almost defeated Central High School on September 27, 2010, when a goal was missed by senior Chea Fineboy, who is known for his outstanding performance in last year’s championship game. The game started with tension because both schools have distinguished honors in soccer.  Therefore, there was no way either team was going home as losers or tied– one team had to go home in victory.

In the first half of the game, Central scored, making the score 1-0, but the Washington Eagles stuck with junior Wilo Mimbar, former student of Bensalem High School, who made his way into Central’s pole, making the score 1-1.  Wilo Mimbar reminds us of Fineboy when he first started playing for Washington last year. Fineboy’s speed is what made him outstanding in the eyes of his fellow teammates and school, but it looks like we have ourselves two fine boys on the field this year.  Who knows?  This new kid Wilo Mimbar might be the new kid Fineboy with the ball on his feet.

Still in the first half, Washington and Central battled on the field back and forth.  From one end to the other, as I observed the game, I could see the determination of the Washington players striving to score again.  They played together as a team, keeping in mind that Central can’t beat them.  The ball was then passed to Chea Fineboy.  The talented player dribbled down the field towards the Central defender and made his way to their goal, where he kicked it like Beckham straight into the goal.  Fineboy, filled with joy, ran to one of his fellow teammates, hugging with victory.  At the same time, the girls of Washington screamed Fineboy’s name, and his sister, Sankie Fineboy, lead the crowd of girls in cheering Washington on,  “G-DUB got it in, Fineboy Score!”  My observations left me thinking these girls are cheerleaders in their own way.  The support they provided for their school had parents of Central players looking over at the bench in amazement.  In fact, a parent from Central said, “Wow!  These girls got school spirits.”

G-DUB “got it in” for most of the game.  Washington’s goalie played well and had a clear view of the ball whenever Central tried to score.  Eventually, the goalie must have lost concentration when Central scored again, making the score 2-2.  This was a devastating blow to Washington morale.  It was as though winning was no longer an option for both schools.  Unbelievably, some of Washington’s players seemed to give up in a short amount of time, but their coach, Coach Reid, continued to encouraged them to not quit.  As I looked over at Coach Reid, I could see his expression was calm and relaxed; he still had faith in his players.

As the clock ticked away, Washington’s speed decreased; the players were getting weak.  Unnecessary passes were made that could have lead Central to victory, and fans were getting impatient.  Central’s Coach was screaming at the top of his lungs.  Washington’s goalie wasn’t going to let Central score, not on his watch.  Finally, Washington got hold of the ball and made its way towards Central’s goal when the ball was unexpectedly passed to Chea Fineboy.  Fineboy fought for possession of the ball for a while, then broke free of the players surrounding him in front of the goal.  As he kicked the ball into the goal, the fans rose cheering from their seats, but Fineboy fell on his knees with his hands on his head.  The referee brought it to our attention that the ball went outside of the pole and not in it.  Sadly, the fans sat back down and Fineboy walked away from the goal in despair.  The game ended with a tie between Washington and Central, and as both teams shook hands, some Washington players had their heads down in shame.  One of the players said it was a tough game, but the missed goal by Fineboy is what broke his heart.

I’m Princess Kollie,  junior at George Washington High School, and I must admit I have never seen such a challenging game played until now!  Let’s hope history repeats itself and Washington makes it to the championship this year.


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