A Halloween Story – The Crimson Moon

 By David Li, Class of 2012

The evening air was unnaturally cold, the lights of the houses cast light upon the streets. Slowly they grew while the night slowly envelopes us, children with their family poured out into the streets and roads. I watched them have their fun within this night “Why” I thought “Don’t they understand it is not safe going out at a night like this?” I looked up toward the crimson moon slowly moving across the night. I walked down the streets, avoiding the families and friends.  

Suddenly a loud growl rang through the night then followed by a blood-chilling cry and ended with a death claiming cough. All I  could think was “its time for them to come out,” I ran toward the way of the sounds, the place it took me was within a graveyard. Then I spotted the bloodless, lifeless body, and I had no choice but to bury it. “Next, time you guys do that again,” I said out loud, while digging a new hole for the body, “Keep the mouth shut, or else I must teach you all a lesson.”  The five shadowy figures bowed down to me, and said “Please forgive us we couldn’t wait. ” After I finished burying the body “It does not matter, now” I looked  up toward the crimson moon “let us hunt.” We all walked out of the graveyard, and began the destruction of  the town, and our bath in human blood.


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