New kids on the block – Runner Runner

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

Runner Runner are the new kids on the block in the music world, making their way to a great, successful future. Runner Runner’s members are from Huntington Beach, California. Their sound is a pop rock theme that makes you want to get up and just dance, with their front man Ryan Ogren, guitarists Nick Bailey and Peter Munters, bassist Jon Berry and drummer James Ulrich.

Runner Runner was the first group signed by David Letterman’s new record label, C.E. Music, in 2008. The name Runner Runner comes from a poker term that band members Jon Berry and Ryan Ogren picked up because of their love for the game, meaning ‘to beat the odds and pull off a winning hand in the last possible moment.” 

 The band begun their first nationwide tour in June2010, opening acts for groups like Second Hand Serenade, The White Tie Affair, Go Radio, and Camera Can’t Lie.  In August they begun their first headlining tour, and will close out the year touring briefly with 2am Club, and later, Forever the Sickest Kids.

Runner Runner’s single “So Obvious” is a hit without a doubt.  I think before we know it, their songs will be on kids ipods all around the world.  This band is a shining star in the making, and will grip your attention with every song they make. To check out Runner Runner,  go to . 

If you post a comment on this article with your book number, we will deliver a Runner Runner poster to your advisory.


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