GWHS students take a trip to Temple










By Eric Smith, Class of 2012

Our Business students recently took a trip with Mrs. Kirby to Temple University for the annual conference about careers in Accounting sponsored by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA).  We learned that the Accounting field provides opportunities to travel and get paid big bucks. There is a diverse amount of career fields for accountants: you could be a special agent for the FBI, a forensic accountant, treasurer for a corporation, or even a fraud examiner for the police department. There are many more positions as an accountant if you set your goals.

The Temple students and staff told us that many Accounting students work internships during their senior year, and they may have had to work longer hours than employees, but it was all worth it. There are many more opportunities for accountants than there were ten years ago (2000).   We also learned that Accounting is not always about math, it’s about the legal aspects of the law in financial situations.

We heard a speaker talk about her job in royalty accounting.  Royalty accounting helps recording artists manage the money earned from royalties for their recording labels.   Some of this speaker’s job responsibilities are to travel around the world with or without the recording artist to insure their money is safe and that other countries are paying the correct amount of royalties. It sounded like a fun job and if you are interested in traveling, this may be a job for you. Good grades with the determination to apply yourself to your goals will lead you to be a successful accountant.

We also heard a speaker from Temple tell us that they are looking at your high school GPA before making their acceptance decision.   One thing the colleges are starting to look at is your media profile (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc). Having inappropriate pictures on a social profile can ruin your chances for jobs, internships, and other opportunities.

Many students enjoyed the trip and learned so much about accounting. The process which students go through to pursue their careers was very well explained. Starting now, future accountants need to keep your head up high, work on having excellent grades, and pursue for your career!


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