G-dubs first trading card game club!

By Timothy Penglase, Class of 2012

Hello G-dub students and Eagle Eye readers.  I have information about a new and exciting thing to find its way to George Washington High. Yes its the school’s first trading card game club.  They call themselves “Battle City”. I sat down and intervieved one of the members to really find out about this new program.

Tpenglase: All right, for the sake of privacy, the interviewer would like to remain anonymous.  So what card game do you guys focus on?
Anonymous: The card game is called “Yu-Gi-Oh.”

Tpenglase:  Ok, what is the main purpose (point) of the game?
Anonymous: The point of the game is to beat your opponent.  See, we both start off with 8,000 life points (LP), and we need to get direct attacks to bring that 8,000 to 0 LP.   You win when your opponent has 0 LP and you still have life points left.

Tpenglase:  Now how do you wage direct attacks?
Anonymous:  Ok, the way you do that is to attack the monster on the field, but you need to be careful.  Be careful because your opponent can have a trap ready.  But if they have no monsters or anything to stop the attack, then it goes to a direct attack.

Tpnglase: What are monster cards and trap cards and are those the only types of cards?
Anonymous: Well, there are 3 types of main cards, MONSTERS, TRAPS, and MAGIC. Monster cards are set above the magic/trap card field. The max you can have on the field is 5 monsters, and 5 magic/traps too.  The magic and traps share a field.

Tpenglase:  What are the rules concerning these cards?
Anonymous:  The rules of the cards are that monsters can only attack monsters on the opponents side of the field.  Magic cards have special things which can add more ATK points on one monster and can destroy a monster. It can add Lifepoints or take control of your opponents monster.  The last affect is my personal favorite bringing monsters back from the graveyard. Traps mostly explain themselves in their name – trap cards.

Tpenglase: Ok, well how long have you been playing?
Anonymous: Ummm… I’ve been playing since I was 10 years old.

Tpenglase: I see, thank you for your cooperation.
Anonymous: Thank you for choosing me to interview.  Have a good day.

For the sake of the interview, I had to “play dumb”.  I know the game and I play it too, but some of you may not know.  I will also be posting a link to the main site where you can see the rules, products and so on.  If you are interested in learning the game, or just striking up nostalgia, come check us out.  Battle City is located in room 302 after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You must bring your own deck. We have decks for you to use for the day, but you need your own full deck from 40-60 cards.
Hope you enjoyed this entertaining acticle.

One Comment to “G-dubs first trading card game club!”

  1. Hey, I’m starting up a club here just about the same as your except instead of limiting it to just yu-gi-oh, we’re allowing other trading cards game but no playing cards of course. How did you go to starting this club? I’m the the founder but I’m the person to help and I was looking for advice. Thank you

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