Dollar Diva at U of P was a great experience

 By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

On November  12th , female students from GWHS  went on a trip with Mrs. Kirby to the University Of Pennsylvania  for their annual Dollar Diva conference.  When we reached the destination, there were girls from many different high schools  as well.  At the beginning of the event, all the young ladies were given breakfast and a colored t-shirt to determine which school everyone was from.  GWHS wore yellow.

The first speaker talked about confessions of a shopaholic, and of course every girl was able to relate with it in some way!   We then learned the responsibilities of debt cards, credit cards, bank accounts, checks and cash. They also taught everyone how to write a check, because if you didn’t know, it’s more than just writing a number and signing it.  We then learned how the cost of education works and how much money people spend not only on going to school but for textbooks, campus and food.   All together, it can really be stressing.

 A fun activity we were able to all be a part of was “The Price Is Right.”   The objective was that they would put different items up and we had to best guess the price of it. You would be so surprised how people spend their money on things you can get for such a lower price with the same quality.  For example, some designer jeans that cost $ 250.00 can be made by the same material as a pair of jeans from Forever 21 that would cost about $21.00. Basically, you’re wasting money.   

After a good lunch and a chance to consult with others, we continued on to another activity to practice what we learned about job interview tips.  In the mock interviews, we had an opportunity to show how professional we can be.   Before receiving the exit surveys about our experience at Dollar Diva, the Wharton Women had a fashion show to help us see how to dress for success and present yourself.

It was a wonderful trip and experience that allowed us to gain a lot of knowledge.   It made me think a little harder on how I spend money and to make wiser choices when handling money and your bank accounts…saving money one diva at a time!


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