DECA competition – Hershey here we come!

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

On December 7th 2010, students from DECA, which is an association of marketing students, all went to the District 10 competition at the School District Administrative Building on Broad Street.  In this competition, 150 students from GWHS, Bok, Dobbins, Frankford, Kensington, Mastbaum, Randolph, Swenson, Gratz,  Edison High School and Esperanza Nueza all competed against each other.  We all had to take a 100 question test, and then we had to choose an event to work individually or as a team with a partner.  In each event, students competed against people from other schools and, some, even from the same school.  In the individual-type events, the top four won a trophy.  In partner events, only the first and second place teams received a trophy.  Everyone who got a trophy earned the right to go on to Hershey, PA, staying for three days at the Hershey Lodge and competing in the same events, but against students from schools across the state.

In the competition last Tuesday, after registration and the opening session, we prepared for our Role Play events.   I was with my partner Rochell Henry, and we won first place in Hospitality Service.  Almost all of our DECA sophomore students won.   We had 23 students who went to the competition, and 17 of them came home with trophies!  Congratulations to all those who made it on to Hershey!  There are no losers; everyone is a winner as long as you know you tried and did your best.  I also want to congratulate Eric Smith for being re-nominated for District 10 as our District Representative to the state.

This DECA trip was a great experience for everyone, and we all learned something from it.  It was an amazing opportunity for all of us.  Let’s go Washington in Hershey!!


One Comment to “DECA competition – Hershey here we come!”

  1. Hey! Congrats you and all those who attend GWHS. I am very proud of you.

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