Dance Class at Washington

By Berodie Augustin

During dance class, we dance to jazz music.  Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality.   Many students in the class enjoy everything in dance class and the opportunities it provides for us.   I personally love the class with a passion.  Students in the class have to work together as a team to dance in a smooth rhythm. Watching the students dancing so elegantly is wonderful for the eye to see, but not every day the class is perfect.   Sometimes a student may slip, fall, or even miss a step or two and ruin the motion of the class.

We have a lot of dance combinations with different songs.   Some of them are very hard, but by learning them step by step, we can get them.  We also have ballet with a professional ballet teacher.   At the end of the year we will host the International Ballet in our auditorium.   We are very excited and we can’t wait for our huge ballet performance.


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