Happy New Year!

Today is 2011 and this year is a new year for everybody.  Just about everyone is trying to be different because they all probably made a New Year’s resolution.  But I don’t understand why it has to be a new year for someone to want to change their life around or be different.

Honestly, I believe it’s okay to do that because when I grew up, I would make promises and goals for myself to become better every new year, but as I got older I wondered why do we have to wait for the new year to want to become better people?  Why can’t we just wake up that morning saying I want to change my life around and then just do it?

Well I believe it is because most kids believe that they can’t just change overnight and that’s true, but I also believe you can change over time so there is no reason to wait for a special time of the year to say you want to change your life.  Just DO IT!


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