Sports Marketing students attend Wings game

 By Sandybel Cedeno-Casanova, Preston Johns, Steven Lorenzo, and Dominic Nieves

Some students from the sophomore Sports Marketing class received free tickets to attend the Philadelphia Wings game as members of their Student Reporter program.   We had a pre-game interview with John Christmas and the rookie, Brodie MacDonald.

We got to learn a little more about the team and the players and had a chance to ask questions about how their lives were before they were on the team and how it feels to be on the team now.   After the interview we left the press room and reported to our box seats.  There, in the box, we had full sights of the rink where the game was being played.   The stadium was so energized and full of life!  Then moments later the Philadelphia Wings and Buffalo Bandits played against each other.  

The Wings suffered a loss at the hands of the Bandits overwhelming offense. So after the game was over we reported to a press conference room where we got to ask the head coach, John Tucker, and one of their best defensive players, Taylor Wray,  how they felt about the game, their team, how the other team did, and how they felt about losing.  We asked Coach Tucker what  he thinks his team needs to work on more so that they can win in the next game and he stated, “The next practice we need to work more on face off, running the offense and to shoot better.”   He promises to do better.

This game was very interesting because it was the first time we  experienced a lacrosse game and we all enjoyed it very much.  All of the players had a turn and a chance to prove “everything they got,”  and though they lost, they showed good work and potential.  Maybe they’ll get them next time!


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