Freedom Train

By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011

It is my body that carries my spirit.

With my strength,

I lift myself up and push forward.

I fight against chains that coil around

In the attempt to restrict me

From the rights that I am naturally endowed with by my Creator.

Each time I stroll into nature

And inhale unpolluted air,

I absorb the limitless atmosphere

And become free.

The sun’s rays smile upon my face,

Even in the shadows.

I am illuminated

By the glow from the heavens

Which unlock my bounded mind.

This is my escape.

2 Comments to “Freedom Train”

  1. Steph! You take a simple idea, use a simple framework, and make something special out of it. First I couldn’t agree with the line “And inhale unpolluted air,” because our earth is not that clean and always have polluted air. But I believe you might be alluding to those moments when the air is not polluted and you are thankful to get a breath of unpolluted air. Since your poems before were so environmentally conscious, I believe it’s reasonable to assume that you are making an environmental comment here. All your poems incorporate themes of nature and spirituality and I like those ideas. Through this poem, we get a sense that human beings are trapped in a less-than-ideal reality, but that we can transcend that from time to time with the help of nature and spirituality and go to a happier place, an escape from “my bounded mind.” How peaceful steph! You will definitely have a great future and I wish you all the best!

  2. Thanks much Linda. I have a tie to nature and my spirituality and that is why it is a prevelant theme in my poetry. However, “unpolluted air” could be see as something figurative, however, the significance of the poem is determined by the reader. Depending on one’s perspective, many conclusions can be drawn.

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