Forbidden fruit

By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2012

Within an instant

All innocence died,

Butchered by one nibble of vegetation.

We are drenched in Remorse



Fear crawls into our spirits

And caused us to scatter.

Disobedience and lack of self-control

Led us to this great fall.

Shame hides us from our Creator.

And since that instant,

Corruption has been injected into our bloodstream

To be held hostage by our transformed flesh

That drives away from all righteousness.

Our nature is now forbidden just the same

2 Comments to “Forbidden fruit”

  1. I liked the poem! This poem seems to be about Adam and Eve’s exile from the Garden of Eden. It also reminds me of the book “Ishmael,” which talks about how the human race is quickly destroying the earth. The reason I thought of Ishmael is because of the line “Corruption has been injected into our bloodstream.” Ishmael is an utterly unique and captivating spiritual adventure, which redefines what it is to be human. I would recommend it to everyone and after reading that book it gave me a clear understanding of this poem. Well, human nature itself has turned rotten and it therefore destroys everything in its path nature around it. It’s a poem warning against “disobedience and lack of self-control.” This poem gives a message to everyone even though it seems like a condemnation. The readers will hopefully get the message. Steph! You certainly deserve a round of applause for your poem.

  2. This poem certainly talks about Adam and Eve. A lot of these poems I wrote while I was taking a Poetry course here last year. Interesting analysis though. 🙂

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