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May 23, 2011

Two public league all-star MVPs!

By Coach Cohen

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PUBLIC LEAGUE ALL-STARS for their thrilling victory over non-publics on Saturday at the Lincoln Center – 30-20.  Representing GWHS were English Peay, Brandon Chudnoff, Tony Smith, Donovan Morris, Mike McGlahon, MVP on Offense – Daquan Cooper, and MVP on Defense – Claudy Mathieu.

This is the first time ever that both MVPs have come from the same school – Go G Dub!

May 23, 2011


By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011
Vacant vessel
Awaiting inhabitance
Blessed be the merciful Wing
Blown into the temple
First breath
Hazy vision becomes reality
A dead heart now beating
Redemption is here
May 23, 2011

Junior Prom photos

Mr. Applebaum shared his great photos from the recent Junior Prom.  Check them out at the link below under Blogroll.

May 23, 2011

Movie review: Jane Eyre

By Steven Lorenzo, Class of 2013

A group of us recently had the chance to go to a movie at the Ritz.  We received free tickets through our Sports & Entertainment Marketing class in return for writing about the experience for our school newspaper.  Preston Johns, Sandybel Cedeno, Rochell Henry and I went to the movie together.

Our movie experience at the Ritz  was very interesting, but fun.  The reason why we say this is because when we got there,  we had to wait until a man came to the side of the line where we had to be checked in before he gave us our tickets.  Then when we went in the theater it was nice and clean, and the seats were comfortable. It made it very easy to watch the movie and when the movie began, it was extremely dark which made the movie clarity very clear.  So our overall experience was very pleasant at the Ritz.  If you like to watch movies in peace, we would recommend going to the Ritz.

Jane Eyre was an orphan who was sent away to a strict religious school where she had only one friend who died which made her feel very alone in the world.  After leaving the school, she made a home for herself as a maid and fell in love with someone who has a secret from his past which makes it impossible for them to get married.

My opinion of the movie is that it was a low budget movie that was poorly schemed.  The movie was very predictable, so predictable that I ruined the movie for myself on my first time viewing it, but throughout the movie there were some complicated scenes that seemed to have no point to the story.   For instance, there was one part that came out to me as the movie killer when Jane was talking to a young French girl and the French girl told her about how the walls move and there is a monster that lives with them.  Then the man that Jane fell in love with tells her a similar story to her and then moments later they all discover that the monster is his wife.  This was all given away in the beginning when he stated that he married a monster.

Those are my key reasons for deciding it was not a great movie.   My overall opinion of the movie is that it was based off of a pretty well written book, but that when it came to putting it to film, it was not in the best interest of the book to try to make a quick buck off of the people that loved the book. Also, even though the movie wasn’t that great, there were some good actors in the movie like Georgie Henley because I believe she fit the role of Jane perfectly.  So even though the movie was bad and a spoiler, there are still some good key factors like the actors and backgrounds.

May 14, 2011

I spoke to actor Freddie Highmore!

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

Our Sports & Entertainment Marketing class was recently offered the opportunity to participate in a nationwide conference call with actor Freddie Highmore as I was the lucky one who got to interview him with many other kids from different places in the U.S.  We were able to ask him questions and here are the questions and his answers:

Q: Is your character George any different than you?  He said that he can relate to George.

Q: How was it growing up in a family of show business?   He said he always felt in his place.   His mom (an agent) might have been an agent to other people, but to him that was still his mother and that’s how he sees her as well as his father (an actor).  He lived a usual life with friends, family and school, and was always able to combine the life in high school and at his university with his acting career because people never really saw him as being any different from themselves so that helped.

Q: How did your acting career begin?  He said he started with small parts in TV shows then continued into little films. Then from there it took off to bigger parts and well-known movies.

Q: How do you feel about being an actor?  He said he feels lucky to do what he does.   He has a usual life back home while being able to be an actor. His usual life helps him remember who he is and that he’s just like anybody else. This helps him stay on the right track.

Q: How do you think teens and other audiences will react to the movie?  He said the movie represents the reality of life and everyone goes through almost all the same things his character will be going through in the movie.

Q: What’s it like on the set of the movie?  He said its exciting!  Inspiring!  The movie was actually really short which made them have to be working every day.   New York City helped capture the real affect of the whole experience of everything.

Q: How was it working with Emma Roberts?  He said it was fantastic!  They got along very well. This helped with the intimate parts in the movie.  He said it was a wonderful experience.

Q: What’s the best part of getting to work with other people and professionals?   He said  it’s great and he enjoys being able to meet the other actors and see how professional people are in real life. One example was with Johnny Depp and he stated he’s a great person.

Q: What’s the best part of acting?  He said the best part is being able to get into his character and meet other actors.

The movie which was originally titled, “HOMEWORK,” will be called “THE ART OF GETTING BY” and it will be coming out soon!   I thought it was really cool getting to speak with Freddie on the phone.  I hope you don’t miss out on seeing this movie!  I know I can’t wait to see it!

May 14, 2011

We are one

By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011

I am outer space

And it is me.

We are one.

Its stares are my pores

Engorged with light.

I am outer space

And it is me.

Venus holds my heart

And my spirit is the sun-

A never ending ball of flame

With rays that stretch for millions of miles.

I am outer space

And it is me.

Mystery resides in the darkness

Only to be uncovered by the curious.

I am outer space

And it is me.

We are one.

May 14, 2011

GWHS Science students win again!

By Ms. Debra Liberman

Congratulations to the following:

Shayan Patel- Honorable Mention for essay on Stem Cell Research – winner second year in a row

William Levantovsky-  Won the Biogenius Award at Harrisburg University for $25,000 on May 2, 2011.  He also won a trophy in his category.

Erica Johnson, 10th grade, just found out that she won a research position at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

May 14, 2011

Attention seniors: end-of-year business

I.  Senior Surveys:  Every senior is required to complete a senior survey. This will give students the opportunity to let us know of their post high school plans. This information will be displayed in the school’s front display case and announced at graduation.

II.  Scholarship/Award Announcements:  All seniors, who received any scholarships/awards/grants should bring a copy of their award letter to Mrs. Davis in the College Guidance Office (108).  All scholarships/awards will be announced at graduation.

III.  Final Transcripts:  Every senior who plans to attend a two or four year college/program/military needs to bring in a stamped (44 cents) envelope, addressed to the school/program of their choice, so that a final transcript can be sent at the end of the year.  Failure to comply with this request may delay your admission to the school.  Envelopes should be dropped off in room 108.  In addition, athletes who plan to play a DI or DII sport must also submit a request for a final transcript to be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

May 7, 2011

GWHS Business students win PFEW scholarships!

Congratulations to junior Eric Smith and sophomores Ramazan Bekmuratov and Preston Johns who won full scholarships to attend the 33rd annual Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week program at Lycoming College this summer.  The scholarship covers all program expenses, including room and board,  for the students to live in a college dormitory for the length of the program.  It has been many years since students from GWHS were accepted into this program which consists of  a competitive application process with more than 3000 students from across Pennsylvania.

PFEW intoduces students  to the American free enterprise system and  with the help of consultants and mentors from Pennyslvania’s business community, they will compete as “…members of management teams for “companies” that will determine selling prices, marketing costs, budgets for production, research and development, capital expenditures, inflation factors, financing, stock offerings – in short, all of the decisions that managing a business typically demands.”  (

Upon successful completion of this summer program, Eric, Ramazan and Preston will be awarded $20,000 scholarships to attend Lycoming College, if they choose to do so,  and will be eligble to serve as interns for four weeks during the 2012 summer program.  Congratulations, again, to Eric, Ramazan, and Preston for availing themselves of this wonderful opportunity.  For more information about the program, see the PFEW website at

May 7, 2011

Physics Team students take 1st place!

By Mr. Yury Belyavsky, IB Diploma Coordinator

After  a four year break, our Physics Team  consisting of students J. Liao, A. Joseph, J. Margiewicz, N. Shanazarova, and K. Patel, won 1st place in Division 1 in our region (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware) among the students studying Physics one year  in the National Physics Bowl competition sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers!!!

More than 4000 students from over 200 schools (including Central High School) participated in this competition. Although none of our students were the highest scorer,  as a team, we were winners.

The school will receive a $50 gift certificate from Vernier, and the students will receive the T-shirts “Regional Champion”, TI-30 MultiView scientific calculators, and a copy of “Mad about Modern Physics” book.

For more information,  see the following web-site: