By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011
Your scent brings me comfort.
   I am taken back to calming memories when my lungs intake your atmosphere.
You allow Sunlight to warm my face,
   Reminding me of the goodness of life.
   Energy surges my veins.
I close my eyes while your peace whirls around me.
   Stress melts away.
   Security holds me tightly and nothing else exists.
I love you, Summer.

3 Comments to “Rest”

  1. I know exactly the feeling. How vividly you express it!

  2. You are a great poet Steph! This poem was simply amazing. The speaker is personifying summer. It’s almost like a person; at first I thought it was a love poem. The speaker wants us to think that, because the last line is the surprise, right?” I love you, Summer.” Summer is something we’ve all experienced and who doesn’t like summer? I swear on my Kool- Aid and Rita’s water ice that this poem is outstanding and I don’t have any other words to express my feelings:) Steph, you are so creative and we’ve got a Shakespeare on our hands here! I am proud to be your classmate. This one is my favorite. Once again, Good Job Steph!

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