The experience of a lifetime

By Huschai Severe, Class of 2012

April 3rd to the 6th was an experience of a lifetime. The FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) members of George Washington High School had the luxury of attending a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania.   At Hershey, members of the FBLA from all over Pennsylvania came together to compete in a series of events.  

The experience was truly life changing. I realized we live in a competitive society where three million people are dreaming, competing, and striving for the same things you are. Today, many adolescents believe that everything is going to come to them without any work being brought forth. We all have dreams to be rich, have big houses, and nice cars but have lazy mentalities. I have learned that if you don’t work, you will not make it to where you are trying to go. There is a saying that says, you reap what you sow, meaning whatever work you put forth to a task you will gain the consequences of your effort. It is time to develop a go hard or go home attitude. We need to strive for success. We need ambition, desire, and zeal if we are going to make it. Every time we begin to work hard we need to think about someone else that is working harder. 

We look forward to another wonderful year.    I hope you join FBLA in September and be part of this great event.


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