Standing strong

By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011

I am a tree

firmly rooted in earth’s foundation.

Rough winds rustle its leaves

and attempt to chill its very core.

But its bark is thick

and the roots are deep.

Earthquakes shake it

and make its surroundings bow and beg for mercy.

But it stands strong.

It uses nature’s ignorance to its advantage.

Thunderstorms bring rain to nourish it.

Wind helps its branches sway to praise the Creator.

Lightening leaves burns and scars that remind it of lessons learned.

And earthquakes loosen the soil

so its roots can stretch farther and deeper.

The world tries its best to tear it down

but like a food, it has forgotten who has planted it there.

2 Comments to “Standing strong”

  1. Great Job Steph! Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! “ Rough winds rustle its leaves”..It looks like an extended metaphor to me and I agree that life is difficult sometimes. Storms are a metaphor for problems in life. Can I ask ya something? Did you write this poem after being in Environmental Science class? It definitely has some spiritual overtones. Trees can feel and you can feel trees. I just want to congratulate on your ability to imagine what it’s like to be a tree. It is just amazing and Keep up the good work!

  2. I actually wrote this poem last year in poetry class. I don’t quite remember my thought process at the time but I do know that the theme of that day was to write an extended metaphor. Lol. But thanks!

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