GWHS Business students win PFEW scholarships!

Congratulations to junior Eric Smith and sophomores Ramazan Bekmuratov and Preston Johns who won full scholarships to attend the 33rd annual Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week program at Lycoming College this summer.  The scholarship covers all program expenses, including room and board,  for the students to live in a college dormitory for the length of the program.  It has been many years since students from GWHS were accepted into this program which consists of  a competitive application process with more than 3000 students from across Pennsylvania.

PFEW intoduces students  to the American free enterprise system and  with the help of consultants and mentors from Pennyslvania’s business community, they will compete as “…members of management teams for “companies” that will determine selling prices, marketing costs, budgets for production, research and development, capital expenditures, inflation factors, financing, stock offerings – in short, all of the decisions that managing a business typically demands.”  (

Upon successful completion of this summer program, Eric, Ramazan and Preston will be awarded $20,000 scholarships to attend Lycoming College, if they choose to do so,  and will be eligble to serve as interns for four weeks during the 2012 summer program.  Congratulations, again, to Eric, Ramazan, and Preston for availing themselves of this wonderful opportunity.  For more information about the program, see the PFEW website at


One Comment to “GWHS Business students win PFEW scholarships!”

  1. like this post, admiring to junior Eric Smith and sophomores Ramazan Bekmuratov and Preston Johns. congrats!

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