Movie review: Jane Eyre

By Steven Lorenzo, Class of 2013

A group of us recently had the chance to go to a movie at the Ritz.  We received free tickets through our Sports & Entertainment Marketing class in return for writing about the experience for our school newspaper.  Preston Johns, Sandybel Cedeno, Rochell Henry and I went to the movie together.

Our movie experience at the Ritz  was very interesting, but fun.  The reason why we say this is because when we got there,  we had to wait until a man came to the side of the line where we had to be checked in before he gave us our tickets.  Then when we went in the theater it was nice and clean, and the seats were comfortable. It made it very easy to watch the movie and when the movie began, it was extremely dark which made the movie clarity very clear.  So our overall experience was very pleasant at the Ritz.  If you like to watch movies in peace, we would recommend going to the Ritz.

Jane Eyre was an orphan who was sent away to a strict religious school where she had only one friend who died which made her feel very alone in the world.  After leaving the school, she made a home for herself as a maid and fell in love with someone who has a secret from his past which makes it impossible for them to get married.

My opinion of the movie is that it was a low budget movie that was poorly schemed.  The movie was very predictable, so predictable that I ruined the movie for myself on my first time viewing it, but throughout the movie there were some complicated scenes that seemed to have no point to the story.   For instance, there was one part that came out to me as the movie killer when Jane was talking to a young French girl and the French girl told her about how the walls move and there is a monster that lives with them.  Then the man that Jane fell in love with tells her a similar story to her and then moments later they all discover that the monster is his wife.  This was all given away in the beginning when he stated that he married a monster.

Those are my key reasons for deciding it was not a great movie.   My overall opinion of the movie is that it was based off of a pretty well written book, but that when it came to putting it to film, it was not in the best interest of the book to try to make a quick buck off of the people that loved the book. Also, even though the movie wasn’t that great, there were some good actors in the movie like Georgie Henley because I believe she fit the role of Jane perfectly.  So even though the movie was bad and a spoiler, there are still some good key factors like the actors and backgrounds.


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