Top 5 scary movies to watch this Halloween

By Samuel Vargas, Class of 2015

According to Chiller TV, the scariest movies of all time are:

NUMBER 5: 28 days later

 28 days later is  about a disease from a monkey that was spread into the city of London.  28 days after it was spread, a man woke up in the hospital with no memory at all.  The man (Cillian Murphy) found himself lost in London.   There he meets two people, a woman (Naomie Harris) and another man, whose name is not mentioned, where they will help him find a way out. On their journey they meet a father with his daughter(Brendan Gleeson) (Megan Buns) which they also need help to get out, but after they found what they were looking for, they noticed that something was wrong.

For more details you have to see the movie!

My opinion is that it is not scary at all; Dawn of the Dead was way scarier!

Stay tuned for our next posts thorughout the upcoming weeks! Halloween is almost here!

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