DECA trip to De Vry University


By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

The trip to De Vry University was a great experience for us DECA members where we practiced some roles on what we will be doing for the upcoming regional competitions.  We had some wonderful workshops where we learned more about professionalism and what to wear and what not to wear at an interview and even at the work place. We were able to speak to other students in DECA and socialize.

For the DECA role plays, we basically get a topic that we will be working on and need to know about. When we got to De Vry, they separated everyone based on their chosen role play topics and we had a certain amount of time to read the problem given to you. We then had to prepare a plan and get ready to present in front of our judge. Some of us worked alone and others had a partner. It’s an overall wonderful experience when you have to layout ideas and market plans.  We learned a lot to prepare us for the real competitions.

The trip was wonderful because at the end everyone got a tour around the De Vry campus and we learned about certain classes and saw their computer labs. The people giving the tours knew answers to everything which was convenient; no one had to go around asking a lot of different people questions. The campus was great and I think it is perfect for a person who likes to be around a small environment and small classes.

I can’t wait for our regional competitions!


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