Top 5 scary movies to watch this Halloween (final)

This is it students! The moment is here, the scariest movie ever!

Number 1: The Ring

The Ring!   Even the name is creepy!  The Ring is like Paranormal Activity plus the grudge and a hit of saw combines. The Ring is a movie you don’t want to watch alone; once you see it you never want to see it again. This movie is about a tape that was found by a woman that works as a reporter. She sees the tape and a strange call told her that she was going to die in seven days. She didn’t know that every day she faced something that she saw in the tape. Now she is trying to find out how to stop the person who is trying to kill her. But what she doesn’t know is that the killer is already dead!

For more information, see this movie!  It will make a mess in your pants!


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