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November 23, 2011

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November 23, 2011

Turkey Bowl at GWHS

Come out and watch the annual Thanksgiving Day game between the George Washington Eagles and the Ryan Raiders in our Mickey Young Stadium.  Kick off time is 10:00 am and tickets are $5.00.  See Mr. Geiser or Mr. McKinney for tickets.

If you can’t make it to the game, you can watch it on Comcast!

Be sure to check out our new football website at the link below.  This website (still under construction) was created by our Sports Marketing & Management students Parth Patel and Jeneel Patel, class of 2012.

November 22, 2011

Justin Bieber scandal

By Katharine Rice, Class of 2012

Justin Bieber is a name we all know. Love him or hate him, the kid has talent. Lately, whenever the name Justin Bieber is mentioned, it is involving the pregnancy scandel. Mariah Yeater, a Justin Bieber fan, who is, mind you, twenty years old, is claiming that Justin is the father of her four month old son. Mariah claims that she became pregnant after a Justin Bieber concert where she was alone with the star backstage. ( ).

Mariah and her attorney are demanding that Justin take a DNA test. Justin, who swears that this child is not his son, has complied and taken the DNA test. As of today, November 22, Mariah has not said a word.( ).

This is curious because up until now Mariah has fought for what she is saying is the truth. Mariah is left in what seems to be a lie that has only grown bigger and bigger. Justin, innocent in most eyes, can relax, for now.

November 22, 2011

Cold Play’s new album: MYLO XYLOTO

By Samuel Vargas, class of 2015

Cold Play, personally, is not my kind of music but I still like a couple of their songs.  This album for example has a couple of them that I like and others that I dislike. I’m not saying that I don’t like this album and you shouldn’t hear it, but it is still not my type of music.

The first song, Mylo Xyloto, is a waste of time and music.  It is only 43 seconds long, come on! But the music is still smooth and nice. 1 star

The second song, Hurts Like Heaven, is amazing.  I would have to pick it as my second favorite Cold Play song. It has everything I like in the smooth music combined with the fast beat of pop. 5 stars

The third one, Paradise, I think is ok. It has an awesome beat to it, but the music is not my favorite.  Still, it is an amazing track, for a song that just came out. 3 stars

The fourth one, Charlie Brown, I don’t like. I just think it is slow and boring; the actual music is good but not good enough. 2 stars

The rest of the songs are good and some of them are amazing but other ones not so great. I’m going to leave you to listen to them for yourself and see what you think about them.   Maybe you’ll think I’m wrong and think this music is  amazing, but at the same time I might be right. You decide.

November 15, 2011

Music Review – Greyson Chance

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

This young boy has a wonderful voice and his songs are amazing. The songs have a soft touch to them so I would classify them as love songs. He is only fourteen years old and he has his own album. In my opinion, all of the songs are great. 

As I listened to the songs, I began to wonder how it is that a middle school boy knows about love and heartbreak. I am sure he has not gone through everything he sings about, which makes this a little weird, but overall with the amazing voice he has you see beyond his age and are able to enjoy the beautiful lyrics and understand the meaning of them. My favorite song is “Unfriend You” – it is a beautiful song that I can listen to all day. I personally think the album is preferred by girls rather then boys. Overall I enjoyed the album very much! I cannot wait to see how he rises throughout the next few years!

November 15, 2011

PICPA Conference at Temple University



 By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

My fellow classmates and I were privileged to attend a trip to Temple University for a conference sponsored by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Accountants.  We  had a chance to learn about the different fields of accounting. This trip was not meant to be fun. It was meant for us to learn from people in the accounting world, and learning is what we did.

The many speakers informed us on the  demands of their jobs and the requirements needed to be an accountant. They gave us the chance to meet professional accountants and accounting students and they also provided a great lunch.

The accountants and students who spoke held my attention the entire time. I learned a lot from them. I am thankful for the time they took to speak with us on a personal level. I would like to thank Temple for hosting and The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants for sponsoring this event, and Mrs. Kirby for arranging the trip for us.

November 15, 2011

Music review – Mindless Behavior

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

Mindless Behavior is a R&B based- all boy, group. Mindless Behavior formed in 2008. All of the members of this group are in their early teens, but do not let their age fool you, they are very hardworking.

Mindless Behavior has two singles, “Mrs. Right”and “My Girls” with considerable amount of airplay success. They have released their debut studio album titled, “#1 girl” which debuted at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 200.  Mindless Behavior has had the chance to tour with a handfull of stars, for example The Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, and Janet Jackson. Now Mindless Behavior is headlining their own tour called “SCREAM”. This group is looking success in the face, not looking away for a second. With the movtation from their fans such as myself, they will probably be the biggest boy band of their time.

November 8, 2011

Eagles vs. Germantown

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

George Washington beat Germantown High School in the Public League Play off game, 36-20, taking the Washington Eagles to the Championship! In the first two quarters, the Eagles were not looking too strong. They were constantly being beat by Germantown’s offense, with a score of 20-7 (Germantown) at the beginning of half time. During the 15 minute break, the Eagles became motivated and came back stronger than ever!

During the second half of the game, with a combined effort from not only the team but their supporters, the Eagles began to dominate Germantown’s offense and defense. Washington scored 29 points in the second half from that point on taking the game and successfully defeating Germantown.  The Eagles are now in the Championship!

Offensive player of the game- Hakeem Sillman                                   Defensive player of the game-D’Andre Dunkley

November 1, 2011

Music review: Clear As Day by Scotty McCreery

by Samuel Vargas, class of 2015

Clear As Day is not the greatest thing I ever heard, but it is in my top 50.

I personally like country songs like this one, but I don’t know if anyone else likes this song or these types of songs.  I really like this song, but the singer not so much.  Scotty McCreery was last year’s American Idol winner so you should give it a try!

November 1, 2011

Halo is back!

by Samuel Vargas, class of 2015

Attention all gamers and war fans! The infamous Halo is back!

An all new halo is coming to the world of X-box: Halo 4. The game has brand new features that range from new weapons, new maps, new people, to even brand new vehicles. You thought Halo: Reach was the last game? Well it’s not! Halo lives to entertain gamers!

This is the eight installment of the Halo franchise, and it’s the first of the planned trilogy: “Reclaimer Trilogy”.

Halo 4 will be released in late 2012.

All hail Halo!