Music review – Mindless Behavior

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

Mindless Behavior is a R&B based- all boy, group. Mindless Behavior formed in 2008. All of the members of this group are in their early teens, but do not let their age fool you, they are very hardworking.

Mindless Behavior has two singles, “Mrs. Right”and “My Girls” with considerable amount of airplay success. They have released their debut studio album titled, “#1 girl” which debuted at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 200.  Mindless Behavior has had the chance to tour with a handfull of stars, for example The Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, and Janet Jackson. Now Mindless Behavior is headlining their own tour called “SCREAM”. This group is looking success in the face, not looking away for a second. With the movtation from their fans such as myself, they will probably be the biggest boy band of their time.


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