Justin Bieber scandal

By Katharine Rice, Class of 2012

Justin Bieber is a name we all know. Love him or hate him, the kid has talent. Lately, whenever the name Justin Bieber is mentioned, it is involving the pregnancy scandel. Mariah Yeater, a Justin Bieber fan, who is, mind you, twenty years old, is claiming that Justin is the father of her four month old son. Mariah claims that she became pregnant after a Justin Bieber concert where she was alone with the star backstage. (  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/gossip/2011/11/justin-bieber-baby-rumors-mariah-yeater-paternity-suit.html ).

Mariah and her attorney are demanding that Justin take a DNA test. Justin, who swears that this child is not his son, has complied and taken the DNA test. As of today, November 22, Mariah has not said a word.(  http://www.gossipcenter.com/justin-bieber/justin-bieber-silences-mariah-yeater-564817 ).

This is curious because up until now Mariah has fought for what she is saying is the truth. Mariah is left in what seems to be a lie that has only grown bigger and bigger. Justin, innocent in most eyes, can relax, for now.


One Comment to “Justin Bieber scandal”

  1. adoro vc de mais Jastin Bieber
    te amo!!!!

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