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December 22, 2011

The 90s are all that

By Katharine Rice, Class of 2012

We all remember the lines “Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger. Can I take your order?”  and “Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda!”  These were our favorite quotes as children. Now, with Nick showing our favorite shows kids can share the joy of having them back.

The main audience watching these shows is us 90s kids. Having our favorite shows back, from Rugrats to The Amanda Show, is plain awesome. I now have the privilege of looking at my six year old sister, Emma, and saying, “Em, that’s what I watched when I was little.” My only complaint is that Emma and I cannot sit there and bond over the best cartoons out there. Why? The reason is because the majority of the shows air after midnight. I started to wonder if teens are staying up past midnight to catch these shows.

After a day of walking the halls of Washington, I have my answer. Many of us are indeed staying up into the early hours of the morning, and many of us are talking about the episode of Rugrats that aired the night before. I hear many kids starting conversations by asking, “Did you watch The Amanda Show last night?” Even more so, I see many Facebook statuses that say something along the lines of, I wish Nick would air these shows earlier in the day. The 90s Are All That and Nick is awesome, but it would be even better if it aired earlier in the day.

December 20, 2011

Washington sweeps DECA competition

On December 9th, Mrs. Kirby and Mrs. Seitchik entered 60 students in the regional DECA competition with more than 150 other students from the District.   Incredibly, all but 3 of our students came home with trophies having placed in one of 23 different events!  See the list of winners

2011 GWHS regional winners

For the 3rd year in a row, one of our students was elected as the District Representative to the state DECA Board.  With 11 different schools each having only one vote in the election, this, too, was a phenomenal achievement.  

Senior Eric Smith, who held the District’s state representative position for the past 2 years, gave his farewell speech as the regional competition began.  It was clear how much he has grown due to his membership in DECA – he gave the speech of a true leader!  By the end of the competition, we welcomed Junior Preston Johns to this position and look forward to his leadership!

Our next competition is the state level event which will be held in Hershey in February.  Hershey, here we come!

December 20, 2011


By Robin Thomas, Class of 2012

Washington railroaded over Fitzsimons High School 61-38 in  a recent basketball game at GWHS. The assault was led by senior guard Rashid Jackson and junior guard Cody Marx.  Jackson and Marx combined for a total of 32 points.

Although Jackson and Marx ran the show, it was Adonis Fountain who entertained the crowd when he dunked in spectacular fashion. In the second half, Cody Marx took the ball down court with no defenders in sight, passed it backwards to Adonis Fountain who went on to dunk and electrify the crowd. Fountain finished off with a total of 13 points. Steve Hall showed great ball handle and finished off with 9 points. Frank Shannon had 3 points. Wayne McNeely and Jamel Williams both had 2 points. Although Anthony Matthis didn’t score, he played a key role in the paint and was an exceptional rebounder and defender.

Fitzsimons’ Isaac McBride did his best to compete with the Eagles scoring 17 points, but didn’t receive much help from his team and couldn’t do it all on his own. Basically it was a 5 on 1 assault on Fitzsimons, which is spectacular since the Eagles lost key players due to disciplinary reasons.

December 6, 2011

First Biotechnology Academy graduating class

By Jay Patel and Katharine Rice

On June 1, 2011, the Biotechnology Academy of George Washington High School was proud to present its first graduating class. Lisa Nutter, the president of Philadelphia Academics Inc, was present along with Dennis M. “Mickey” Flynn, and representatives from Cephalon.

The Mickey Flynn scholarship was given to Jay Patel for his outstanding hard work and intelligence shown throughout this program. Then, the seniors spoke about their future plans. The whole  experience was amazing. Lisa Nutter spoke about the hardships and process of how this program came to be.  Mike Hoch was deeply missed, and when Joe Boxeman stepped up, the biotech class welcomed him with open arms.

This class had gone through so many obstacles, and with being the first of the biotech program, adapted well. This class will be the first of many new beings and showed the impossible was possible. 

Biotechnology Academy Graduating Class of 2011 included:

Tinu Abraham, Nastasia Anzalone, Jill Dalgleish, Erik Melikyan, Jay Patel, Elizabeth Rosado, Luisanny Rosario, Mahdi Sorrell and Johanna Wiley

December 6, 2011

Is technology taking over humanity?

By Samuel Vargas, Class of 2015

As seen in movies like The Terminator, and what they say that “technology will soon take over humanity”, I believe that our reality  is finally catching up to these times. Technology is taking over.

Ever since the invention of technology, people have been more and more attracted to it. Now, in the 21st century, things are getting more advanced. Look at the Xbox and Playstation for example, they have been getting more advanced each year. First they add wireless remotes, then they add blue ray on them, and now the Kinect, which is a device that lets you be the remote. But not just game systems, it’s everything; the Kindle will replace books, the iPhone and iPad replaced computers, Blue Ray replaced DVDs, not fully yet, but it’s getting there.

And don’t forget about the new touch technology that with a simple touch you can do everything. The worst is that now they are making hand-free cars which park themselves! You see the world change everyday, but now your life is changing.

It might be a good thing that technology has improved to help us, but is it helping us too much?

December 6, 2011

The Legend of the Chrono Reaper

By Mark Stanislavov, Class of 2014

Hello, my name is Dr. Zeus Chronos, but people just call me Dr. Time. My fascination with time was immense when I was a child. It all started with my mother’s passing. I was only six when the time came for my mother to be taken away from me by the freezing hands of death. So when I grew older, my love with time also increased as well. I began to think to myself, “What can I do to bring my mother back?”. So, after graduating from college in a city where madness rampaged through the streets, I began experimenting. Experimenting with time.

Chronology, the study of time. I studied that subject to the best of my abilities. Though, it rather was quite easy to pass that course without any fiasco. So, with everything I’ve learned, I pondered if my own knowledge of weapons and technology could come into play with this knowledge. The experimenting began later when I finally had a place to call home and I was settled. No worries, no problems. Sadly, however, there was one. Every night, whenever I turned on the television, I would always hear about homicides, genocides, and even suicides. It wasn’t pretty. So I decided to go out one day, into the streets, to be a vigilante of sorts, or even a saint.

Stay tuned for more Chrono Reaper
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December 3, 2011

DECA students heading to competition

On December 9th, 71 members of George Washington’s DECA club will be participating in PA DECA District 10’s regional competition at our School District Administrative Building where several hundred students are expected. 

Our students will be taking a rigorous 100-question written test on subjects such as finance, business administration, marketing, accounting and entrepreneurship, and they will perform a role-play in front of judges as part of their competition.   High scores on the tests and role-plays will determine the winners of more than 20 competitive events.  Students who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their events will earn the opportunity to compete at the state level in Hershey in February.  Check back here soon for a list of winners.  We are sure many of our students will be heading to Hershey!

DECA is a student organization which  prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.  For more information on DECA, see  While there, check out the picture of GWHS senior Eric Smith who has been our District’s state representative for the past 3 years.   Further information is available at the national site for DECA.

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December 3, 2011

X-Box 720 Bundled with Kinect 2

By Mark Stanislavov, Class of 2014

Are you one of the people who own the Kinect attachment to your X-Box 360 slim?  Well, get ready for the new installment, for the X-Box 720 only…THE KINECT 2!!!

Just recently, I have gotten word that Microsoft may be considering launching the X-Box 720 in 2012. And this new gaming console will be bundled with a brand new gaming attachment, Kinect 2.  It is rumored that the new Kinect 2 will not only be able to read facial expressions, it is said to also read lips! Also, since Microsoft owns Windows, they will try to make a Kinect attachment for PC’s as well.

So all of you computer gamers out there, DON’T BE SAD!!! You will get a Kinect as well, hopefully. More news on this new console coming out is that it is rumored to have “unbelievable graphics of the future”.

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