X-Box 720 Bundled with Kinect 2

By Mark Stanislavov, Class of 2014

Are you one of the people who own the Kinect attachment to your X-Box 360 slim?  Well, get ready for the new installment, for the X-Box 720 only…THE KINECT 2!!!

Just recently, I have gotten word that Microsoft may be considering launching the X-Box 720 in 2012. And this new gaming console will be bundled with a brand new gaming attachment, Kinect 2.  It is rumored that the new Kinect 2 will not only be able to read facial expressions, it is said to also read lips! Also, since Microsoft owns Windows, they will try to make a Kinect attachment for PC’s as well.

So all of you computer gamers out there, DON’T BE SAD!!! You will get a Kinect as well, hopefully. More news on this new console coming out is that it is rumored to have “unbelievable graphics of the future”.

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One Comment to “X-Box 720 Bundled with Kinect 2”

  1. Although the Kinect 2 is rumored Microsoft has a 7 year plan in motion in order to prevent a new Xbox from coming out. This is because they have gotten better sales from different editions of the Xbox 360 than they would with new consoles entirely. So basically instead of dishing out a new console release they decided that more money is made in hardware additions and updates over Xbox live. Excellent reporting out though and I look forward to hearing more. ~Timothy Penglase

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