First Biotechnology Academy graduating class

By Jay Patel and Katharine Rice

On June 1, 2011, the Biotechnology Academy of George Washington High School was proud to present its first graduating class. Lisa Nutter, the president of Philadelphia Academics Inc, was present along with Dennis M. “Mickey” Flynn, and representatives from Cephalon.

The Mickey Flynn scholarship was given to Jay Patel for his outstanding hard work and intelligence shown throughout this program. Then, the seniors spoke about their future plans. The whole  experience was amazing. Lisa Nutter spoke about the hardships and process of how this program came to be.  Mike Hoch was deeply missed, and when Joe Boxeman stepped up, the biotech class welcomed him with open arms.

This class had gone through so many obstacles, and with being the first of the biotech program, adapted well. This class will be the first of many new beings and showed the impossible was possible. 

Biotechnology Academy Graduating Class of 2011 included:

Tinu Abraham, Nastasia Anzalone, Jill Dalgleish, Erik Melikyan, Jay Patel, Elizabeth Rosado, Luisanny Rosario, Mahdi Sorrell and Johanna Wiley


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