The Legend of the Chrono Reaper

By Mark Stanislavov, Class of 2014

Hello, my name is Dr. Zeus Chronos, but people just call me Dr. Time. My fascination with time was immense when I was a child. It all started with my mother’s passing. I was only six when the time came for my mother to be taken away from me by the freezing hands of death. So when I grew older, my love with time also increased as well. I began to think to myself, “What can I do to bring my mother back?”. So, after graduating from college in a city where madness rampaged through the streets, I began experimenting. Experimenting with time.

Chronology, the study of time. I studied that subject to the best of my abilities. Though, it rather was quite easy to pass that course without any fiasco. So, with everything I’ve learned, I pondered if my own knowledge of weapons and technology could come into play with this knowledge. The experimenting began later when I finally had a place to call home and I was settled. No worries, no problems. Sadly, however, there was one. Every night, whenever I turned on the television, I would always hear about homicides, genocides, and even suicides. It wasn’t pretty. So I decided to go out one day, into the streets, to be a vigilante of sorts, or even a saint.

Stay tuned for more Chrono Reaper
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