Washington sweeps DECA competition

On December 9th, Mrs. Kirby and Mrs. Seitchik entered 60 students in the regional DECA competition with more than 150 other students from the District.   Incredibly, all but 3 of our students came home with trophies having placed in one of 23 different events!  See the list of winners

2011 GWHS regional winners

For the 3rd year in a row, one of our students was elected as the District Representative to the state DECA Board.  With 11 different schools each having only one vote in the election, this, too, was a phenomenal achievement.  

Senior Eric Smith, who held the District’s state representative position for the past 2 years, gave his farewell speech as the regional competition began.  It was clear how much he has grown due to his membership in DECA – he gave the speech of a true leader!  By the end of the competition, we welcomed Junior Preston Johns to this position and look forward to his leadership!

Our next competition is the state level event which will be held in Hershey in February.  Hershey, here we come!


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