By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

For those people who say that Uggs are too expensive, you can only wear them for the winter, or it’s not worth paying so much money for them, I want to say that you are very wrong.  Uggs aren’t only comfortable and warm, but with good care they can last a very long time and they are worth every penny you spend for them and  they may last for years.  I’ve had mine for two years.  They are just as good as when they were new and they don’t look messed up at all.  There are many different styles of Uggs and they all work great. I advise many people to buy them because they will be wearing them for years and they will honestly keep your feet warm and cozy.

For those guys out there that complain they wouldn’t wear them because it’s only for girls! You’re all very wrong! Ugg boots were made by a man and were for men, they then became unisex. They became famous in the united states around the mid-late 1990’s and worldwide in the early 2000’s. They are actually for everyone!


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