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February 28, 2012

Science Fair winners

By Ms. Debra Liberman

CONGRATULATIONS TO the following winning students who presented their Science Fair projects at Pennsylvania Junior Academy on Saturday at Bensalem High School.  Please congratulate all the future scientists!

Aaron Goldberg, grade 11,  math, 3.8   Second award
Joel Goldberg, grade 9, biology, 4.6  First award
Natasha Iotov, grade 9, botany, 4.7  First award
Alan Abraham, grade 9, biochemistry, 4.4  First award
Erin Moore, grade 9, behavioral science, 4.3   First award
Shayan Patel, grade 12, biochemistry, 4.5  First Award

February 28, 2012

DECA success again!

OUR DECA TEAM had great success at the State Conference in Hershey last week.  We entered 40 students into various events and they competed with 1600 students from across the state.  We came home displaying more than 20 medals, 2 trophies and a team of 3 seniors who qualified for the National Conference in Salt Lake City!  

Please join us in congratulating our trophy winners:
Michael Walsh, Michael Tuller and Mehul Patel – 2nd place in the Sports & Entertainment Operations Research Event.  This team event, which was completed as their graduation project, consisted of a 30 page research paper and a presentation made to judges.   

Jonathan Santos – 5th place in the Male Modeling Event.  Jonathan modeled a business suit and a prom tuxedo and impressed the judges and the young ladies in the audience!

Marissa Williams deserves special praise.  As a first year Accounting student, she faced a difficult challenge as she competed in the Accounting Applications Event against many students from other schools who are in Accounting 2 or 3.  The first place winner scored 83 on the 100-question written test, the 2nd place winner scored 71, and our Marissa scored 70! 

The following students won medals based on a high score on a 100-question test and/or a high score on one or two role plays performed in front of judges for their individual or team events:

Devin Alford, Arcardio Rodriguez, Githin Joy, Mousa Eiyadeh, Jeremy Estes, Eric Smith, John Murray, Ben Moshnyager, AJ Sahlanis, Rochell Henry, Marissa Williams, Mathews Jacob, Michael Honick, Jeneel Patel, Geoffrey Smith, Tom Coulson, Parth Patel, Anand Mandlia, Preston Johns, Sandybel Cedeno and Tapan Patel.

Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah, here we come!

February 28, 2012

Kevin Hart

By Max Carrerro, Class of 2012

I respect Kevin Hart a lot because he is an alumnus of  George Washington High School.  He is very inspirational to me because like him, I plan to become a comedian in the future. 

Kevin Hart was just like me when he was in high school. He  had ambititions and planned on following his dreams, and I feel the same way.  I hope that people see me for who I really am and genuinely enjoy my act.  One day, I hope that everyone who has ever attended Washington realizes that both  Kevin Hart and I were the two most charismatic men who were ever a part of this school!

February 9, 2012

I love you

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

Why do I have to hide that I love you,

But when I’m not around you I can’t seem to forget you,


In my memory you’re the only good thing left for me.


The only thing it takes is a phone call and you got me back in

Your arms,

I never wanted us to be in any harm.

But when I’m with someone else,

Don’t try to split us apart because you’re mad someone else

Has my heart.

We had our times and our love had expanded,

Without a doubt your jokes were the highlights of our memories.


I love you,

And that will never change the way we both did,

As everyday passed and our relationship continued.

I did wonder if our love was ever real?

Was it what they called young love or that prince charming stuff you see in movies,

Was every “I love you,” correctly using.



Was every butterfly flying in my stomach happiness or cautious warning!

I loved you, so I believed.

The words were said but the feelings weren’t meant.

February 9, 2012

Polite, a poem

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

I try to thank everyone for what they’ve done for me,

Even if after I don’t understand,

What exactly it means to do the right thing,

They say you should do well and help others,

If you should, would it be mean to be helped and then just walk away.


Surprised by being welcomed,

Confused about what doing a favor means or meant.

Mostly judged because I don’t believe in a simple good-bye.

But that if it’s meant to be, there will be another hi.

What can be so common is also misunderstood.

Weather I was raised rich or in the hood.

I don’t think anything would change my thought and mood.


People keep asking me the same questions,

And I continue to give them the same answers.

Because even if I was nice and not rude,

I don’t think anything would change in anyone’s attitude.

Weather I said please or demanded, what would’ve made a difference?

Just being polite doesn’t mean things are good.