Don’t talk with your mouth full!

To date we haven’t met too many students who don’t like to eat, and ESOL students are no exception.  Foods and food preparation may vary by country, culture, or family, and the ESOL I students at GWHS have been writing about some of their favorite foods and dishes.  Using the VISIONS textbook, the students have been able to categorize foods popular in their home countries according to the international Food Pyramid.  Their thoughts about foods make for some interesting reading!  See the example below and check back soon for a link to more food stories.                                ~MW

“Most of the Nepali people use ginger root as a spice.  It grows underground and needs dry soil to grow.  It has a brown bark, but we scrape the bark off.  We eat ginger on rice, onions, and vegetables for lunch and dinner.  We eat ginger on bread and pickles.  Ginger is also a medicine for cough, sore throat and cold symptoms.  Nepali people eat lots of spices, and ginger is just one of them.”   By Neeta Bhandari 


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