By Paige Hughes

There is not much left I can take.
There is nothing I can do.
I am not super woman who can make everything in the world perfect.
I am a teenager that is finding herself but at the same time… Trying To figure out why everyone thinks I can’t reach my high expectations of what I want to do.
I guess you can say I have high expectations, but what’s the big problem of expecting a lot when the people around you could never dream of them?
They had expectations of graduating high school and living day by day but I’m living day by day trying to find myself
So what’s the problem with high expectations?
Is it the fear that I can dream?
Is it the fear I feel like I can do almost anything?
Is it the fear that I believe I can be whom ever?
What’s the problem with high expectations?
The answer… NOTHING.
A teenage girl trying to find herself and having high expectations is who she is, it’s what makes her. Her dreams are what makes her expectations so high. She wants to reach them till she touches the stars!
You should Never doubt yourself in what you can do or dream of. No expectations or dreams are bad or too huge to accomplish. As long as you dream and believe in yourself. Anything is possible. 🙂 reach for the moon even though there’s already footprints on it.
The people around you think it’s too much because they never had the mind to think so large. Think big and dream large.
You only live once…. Dream it!!!

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