Phillies vs. Nationals Game Review

  By Nicholas Miller and Michael Honick, Class of 2013

As  captains of our school’s Action Team, we recently attended a Phillies game with 11 classmates thanks to the tickets we received through the Major Leagues Baseball Players Trust and Volunteers of America Foundations. We had a wonderful time – we all had fun and bonded with each other during the game. We took pictures, made jokes with each other, and ate food together during the game.  Savuth Yin had never attended a major league game before so he was glad to receive a ticket to join us.

The Philadelphia Phillies had their ace Cole Hamels (6-1) on the mound Wednesday night when they took on the Washington Nationals who had Edwin Jackson (1-1) starting pitching for them. Cole Hamels pitched extremely well for the Phillies as he did not let up a hit until the sixth inning.  He finished the game strong for the Phillies going 8 innings and letting up only 4 hits, walking 3 batters, and striking out 8 batters while not letting up any runs. Edwin Jackson did not pitch so well for the Nationals; Jackson went 7 innings and he gave up 7 hits and 3 earned runs while walking 2 batters and striking out only 4 batters.

 The three earned runs were earned by Mike Fontenot’s single to right fielder Bryce Harper and Carlos Ruiz scored. The second run came off when Shane Victorino doubled on a line drive to right field and Hunter Pence scored. The last earned run came off a Juan Pierre sacrifice bunt and Mike Fontenot scored. Then the Washington Nationals made a pitching change and in came Henry Rodriguez from the bullpen in the top on the 9th inning.  He gave up one run that was off a homerun by Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino.

The Phillies then replaced Cole Hamels with their closer Jonathan Papelbon and he gave up one run while striking out 2 batters to end the game.  The one run he gave up came off a homerun by the Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche. The final score was the Philadelphia Phillies 4 and the Washington Nationals 1. The winning pitcher was Cole Hamels who moved to a pitching record of (7-1) and the losing pitcher was Edwin Jackson whose record became (1-2).

Thank you to Mrs. Kirby, MLB Players Trust and Volunteers of America for providing us this opportunity to go to a game.  Watch for photos from the game to be posted soon.


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