Sean Forbes in concert at GWHS

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By Scott Siley, Jenna Vaugn and Bridget Sullivan, Class of 2014

Sean Forbes is a 31 year old deaf rapper from Detroit. Sean wasn’t born deaf; when he was one he got a very high fever that blew out his ear drums and he hasn’t been able to hear since. He recently performed in our school and we had an opportunity to interview him as part of our Sports & Entertainment Marketing Program.

We asked him, “were there any difficulties growing up deaf” he responded by saying that sports were very difficult for him because he didn’t know when to start and stop playing.  He told us that he “loved music since he was a little kid.” He started playing the drums when he was young and was inspired to be a drummer when he got older. When he got older, he figured out if he was going to go anywhere with his music career then he would have to sing.  In 2006, his dream of being a musician came true upon singing a record with the Bass Brothers who were discovered by Eminem in Detroit. His band has recorded 50 songs and they are looking forward to releasing their first album on April 2nd called “Perfect Imperfection.”  

When we interviewed Sean, he was very nice and energetic. He had no problem answering any questions that we had and was very open about his life. When asked about how hard it is to be deaf and be in the music industry, he said it was very difficult, given it’s difficult for anyone, its 10x harder for him. As an example, one show that he did he couldn’t feel the vibration of the music and had no idea what was going on. He said that being deaf, a lot of people are against you and you just have to prove them wrong and not give up. Sean has overcome a lot of obstacles and loves to rap.

His performance in our high school was extremely appreciated by the audience that attended. They were clapping along with the songs and cheered loudly whenever he finished a song. It is amazing that he doesn’t let his disability stop him from performing in front of an audience. We found it incredible that he signs the songs as he performs them because he is doing two different things at once. We believe that with his attitude and mindset, he will go very far in his career. We heard that he may perform on American Idol and are looking forward to watching him. Sean Forbes is the most inspirational person we have ever had the pleasure to meet.


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