Austin Mahone – the next Justin Bieber?



By Mark Stanislavov, Class of 2014

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Singer Austin Mahone just might be the second coming of Justin Bieber. This young new talent has much to offer with only being sixteen posting videos on YouTube to signing with his first record company. Austin’s newest song, “Say You’re Just a Friend (ft. Flo Rida)” shows that this sixteen year old has the mind of a musical genius with understanding the way teenagers really go through the trials of whether or not their friend can be more than a friend. In the video, Austin shows off his dance moves and his award winning smile to dazzle the audience while at the same time, telling a story of a teenage boy who is in love with his friend, dare say best friend, and is afraid to ask her to be more than a friend to him in the assumption that it will ruin their friendship entirely. Flo Rida makes an appearance with spitting a few words of fire to let the song have a little more zest to it. What I can gather from what Flo Rida is trying to explain is how he spent most of his time in Carol City, created a song, and fell in love with a girl who broke his heart. That is just what I can sum up, if someone else can get a different story from Flo Rida’s part, please share it. All in all, Austin Mahone has a bright and powerful future in the music business. He shows that starting small can lead to something wonderful and marvelous.

Thank you for reading my review, have an exquisite day!


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