Sneak peak at Fashion Show

By Mark Stanislavov, Class of 2014

9:10 am.   The atmosphere was calm, but a little electric. The George Washington Fashion Show Sneak Peak was a blast!  It all started with an assortment of white dresses and shirts, along with pants and tights. Going from white, to black, to very colorful dresses, that part of the show was appetizing.  Every one of the models had steel faces showing the likes of a true model in the making.  The men had really well-designed outfits.

9:17 am.   The next event was star-studded featuring tight, shiny clothing –  leather like there was no tomorrow, and tons of dark colors.  The styles looked to me as if the models stepped out of a biker hang-out.  There were also bunches of pop for the men, and ovations throughout the auditorium.  The women had a nice amount of pop themselves.

9:26 am.   While Susanna played “All the Lights” on piano, the theme was “Pre-Fall” and boy, they almost made me fall with their wonderful Autumn-themed outfits.  The intro was confusing, but unique, and it kept my attention.  Most of the clothing was simple but darkly colored, and gave an alienating tone.  It made feel very comfortable.

That was just a small appetizer for the big event later tonight.  I am ecstatic and excited to see what they have on the menu. Tonight’s wonderful fashion dinner shall be glorious!

Doors open at 5:30 pm at George Washington High School.  No specific end time however, you can’t time fashion darling, it’s all about presentation, punctuation, and elegance.


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